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Plays & Musicals

The Family's Business © 2006
1 female; 3 males [Drama]

Inspired by Arthur Miller's "Death
of a Salesman," a fight for the
throne ensues between Emmett
and his oldest son, Kevin.

Pride is worth even more than
money in a family business.

Disillusioned © 2005
1 female; 3 males [Drama]

Jane hid in shadows. She acted
“blind” to combat stage fright
doing magic shows with Bernie,
and kept acting blind to keep the
world away, until the act became

When Jane finally reaches out,
she finds someone answers.

Chrysalis © 2004
1 female; 1 male [1 Act Drama]

Inspired by Paul Simon’s “Darling

In the winter of their life together,
Millie and George realize that they
never got to know one another.

Husband and wife consider the
marital vows they'd made so long
Another Place In Time © 2008
3 female leads; 2 male leads; Ensemble [Family Musical]

Another Place In Time is a story about second chances...

Maria, a strong willed gypsy, struggles for her independence as she
tries to give her daughter the home she never knew.  Joshua, an
ambitious lawyer, is working his way to the top, after hitting rock
bottom following his wife’s death. Joshua represents the developer
who wants to demolish Maria’s tarot shop and home.

Worlds apart, circumstance brings them together. Can they
overcome their differences and find the courage to give love a